Having the world’s best supermarket next door, it will no doubt play a major part in your life at Glenside. Frewville Foodland raises the standard of retail with the highest quality products, outstanding customer service, passion, experience, innovation and integrity.

But it really is more than a supermarket and you will definitely want to go there for more than just shopping. With such a diversity in departments, it’s almost like the ‘village square’ if you’re living at Glenside. You can grab a coffee, read the paper, meet your friends or stay for lunch. We love the fact that it is so unique and everyone is welcome. But those are just a few reasons we love our local Frewville Foodland, here are 10 more…

1. They ‘love what they do’

Their motto says it all. And it’s self-evident. Staff clearly know their products and are genuinely excited about them. They love to share their knowledge and go beyond ordinary when it comes to service. Whether it’s advice on how to cook seafood or guidance about which spice goes with which food, you’ll be well looked after.

2. There’s always something happening

You only have to check the ‘What’s on’ calendar on the website to find reasons to keep going back to the store. With everything from live guitar and piano performances to weekly specials, gourmet tastings and food appreciation sessions, your shopping trips don’t have to be boring. For those who require a less stimulating environment, there are regular ‘Quiet hours’ where lights are dimmed and noise is reduced to create a calming, stress-free experience. 

3. The flavours of the world are here

Did you know that Frewville Foodland is renowned as one of the best Asian Grocer specialists in Adelaide? Fresh, organic or frozen, you can buy all your favourite Asian ingredients here and probably find a whole lot of new foods to try too. Learn how to cook with Yam beans or Hog plums and impress all your friends.

Over at the SpiceBar there are around 160 spices and classic blends to choose from. In authentic market-style you’ll find a range of Asian, European and Moroccan spices, and it’s all self-serve, so you can buy just what you need. Or, you can just drop off your recipe and the staff will measure and bag the spices for you to pick up later. It’s also a great place to find out about interesting dry rubs for your BBQ meat.

4. You can eat and drink here

When you’re looking for inspiration for your evening meal or you just want someone else to cook for you, Mr Nick’s Kitchen and Bar is the place to go. It’s a type of ‘grocerant’ - a new concept that combines grocery with restaurant that’s popular in the US. Order a chef-cooked meal and a glass of wine to go with it or get tips from the experts and buy what you need to make it at home.

It’s also the go-to place for ready-made platters – cheese, fruit, antipasto and other assorted delights. Perfect for when you have entertaining to do.

5. The Salumibar sensation

Specialising in the culinary traditions of Spain and Italy, the salumi and panini kitchen is ideal for a lunchtime sojourn. Top quality artisanal cured meats, aged pancetta, gourmet cheeses and other pantry treats are here to tempt you.

Order what you need for your own charcuterie board or sit down and experience an authentic salumi journey – complete with SalumiBar Martini. 

6. It’s Australia’s FIRST Certified Organic Supermarket

As well as having a great selection of gluten-free and vegan products, Frewville Foodland is actually Australia’s FIRST Certified Organic Supermarket. Strong connections with local growers and suppliers means they can stock the best and freshest Certified Organic produce available and are continually improving the range to suit customer needs and desires.

Expert advice and tastings are available, so it’s definitely something to consider if you’re not already an organic food buyer. You may be surprised to learn that it’s not always more expensive. And if you’re not sure what everything is you can look it up on the wiki-screen in-store. All you need to know about the fresh food on display is at your fingertips.

7. They support local sustainable fisheries

Frewville Foodland have partnered with the SA Seafood Industry to support and buy direct from local regional fishing businesses committed to sustainability. In store you’ll find a surprisingly wide range of ‘market fresh’ seafood including a dedicated raw crustacean bar. The passionate fishmongers are available for onsite filleting and oyster-shucking as well as being able to give expert fish-cooking tips and ideas. 

8. Award-winning artisan bakery

It’s always hard to resist the smell of freshly baked bread, but when it’s being baked so close to home you’ll probably have to give in and make this artisan bread a daily indulgence. From sourdough to panini ciabatta, you’ll love all the different flavours and textures. And it’s not just about the bread, with rustic pizzas and savoury pastries as lunch options and a delicious range of waffles, doughnuts, danishes and cakes for your coffee break you could easily spend a lot of your day at this particular patisserie.


9. Choice meats

Like everything else in this store, the quality and range of meat is exceptional. You’ll find restaurant-quality premium cuts, in store handmade sausages, Asian cuisine poultry, and an extensive range of grass fed and organic meat options. A ‘must-try’ product is the dry-aged meat. It’s more expensive than regular steak because of the lengthy and controlled drying process, but once you’ve tasted the difference, it’s hard to go back, especially when you want to serve up something special to your friends.

10. And finally…. Flowers.

The FlowerBar is one of those places that just makes you happy. You can sit here, surrounded by fragrance and colour, and enjoy some tea and cake while listening to the piano nearby. Or you could just buy the flowers! There’s no need to wait for a special occasion, flowers are for every day.

To make your new house feel like a home, just add flowers.

To welcome a new neighbour or cheer up a friend, give flowers.

For general positivity and improved well-being, enjoy flowers. Need we say more?

We’re sure if you’re thinking of moving into a new home at Glenside, you will love the quality and convenience of Frewville Foodland next door. Register today for more information about our architecturally-designed homes and master-planned development.