Unmistakable neighbourhood 


A vital aspect of Glenside’s unique vision is the diverse, inclusive and vibrant community that evokes a true sense of togetherness.

As more people choose to live in our community, wrapped in the unmistakable charm of the east and all they desire, we’ve set the stage for an extraordinary neighbourhood; a special home to many for generations to come.

Here, we share the joy as their stories unfold.

City lifestyle

"I love spending time in the city so after work on a Friday we'll go out for a drink, we'll go out for dinner, so being close to home is a real advantage." 

It's just superb

"All the shopping facilities you need are in this location, it's just superb. You don't get this very often anywhere else in Australia." 

Perfect location

"We live nearby and we didn't want to move out in the suburbs, so the location was perfect for us." 

"It allowed me to continue on with my lifestyle without really downsizing."

Live here